Advanced Processing of Additvely Manufactured Parts 

Project Content


The Ad-Proc-Add project investigates additive-subtractive manufacturing chains to gain a detailed understanding of the interdependencies and interactions of material and component properties of additive-manufactured and reworked workpieces with respect to process parameters, manufacturing strategies and boundary conditions. The aim is to be able to consciously adjust geometry, surface and boundary zone properties via additive-subtractive production chains so that predefined requirements can be met. This enables the targeted design and implementation of additive-subtractive production chains in various industrial applications.

For this purpose, an international CORNET project approach makes sense, which combines the necessary expertise in additive manufacturing, subtractive functionalisation processes, process monitoring, machine technology, simulation and energy efficiency analysis.
New tool concepts, manufacturing strategies, design methods, prototype components and service offerings will result from this. In particular, SMEs will be enabled to derive new processes, products and services. Improved tools and fixtures can be developed for the growth market of additively manufactured components. An access to the additive generation of novel function-integrated components will be created. Small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, jig and fixture manufacturers and mechanical engineers gain methodological knowledge for the economic and efficient use of additive-subtractive process chains. Software, system and service providers will be introduced to the development of new products and offers for the implementation and support of additive-subtractive production chains. Entry barriers are lowered. The use of additive-subtractive technologies becomes feasible for SMEs with significantly reduced risk.
In addition, a digital compendium is to be created that can be used by design and production personnel.

Fig .: Overview of the project procedure for the CORNET project Ad-Proc-Add